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Cruise & Walk offers a truly unique holiday experience. Wake up each day to a new destination, bypassing the usual cruise ship excursions, walk the nearby coast and hills or explore the cultural cities of our ports of call. 

shutterstock_100233860 Peter and Paul fortress, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.jpg

Baltic Discovery

Sample the splendors of Europe’s northern capitals of culture and traditional Baltic scenery. 


Swedish Waterways

Experience the pastels of Swedish fishing harbours, the cobbled streets of old towns.

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Authentic India

 Step ashore and discover a land full of contrast as you explore India, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates.

From timeless landscapes to futuristic metropolises; ancient mosques to towering skyscrapers; natural wonders to man-made innovations; there is something to stimulate your every sense on this far-flung, sea-faring adventure.

October 2018 from £3,399

Prins Christiansand, Greenland

Voyage To Greenland

Greenland is the remote land of the spectacular. Here human settlements dot the coast, whilst inland a wild landscape of mountains and glaciers like nowhere else in the world awaits.

August 2018 from £2,895

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Greenland, Iceland & Norway

Cruise northern oceans and experience natural wonders. 

Narrow Norwegian Fjord, Black Watch cruising Nordfjord

Land Of The Midnight Sun

Cross the Arctic Circle, from the world of reindeer to the realm of the polar bear. Glaciers, sea cliffs and fjords await!