A Brief Italian Moment

A Brief Italian Moment

Renaissance Tuscany – 30th March – 6th April 2011

The lane had risen steeply from the road. It passed close to the Villa Garzoni where we had just enjoyed a perfect picnic amongst the faded baroque splendours of its garden. The kindly tuscan sun was hot on our backs. As we rounded the corner into the ancient village of Collodi the fountain were the villagers had done their washing and swopped gossip came into view. Then the welcome splash and sparkle of fresh cold water tumbling from the spring. We paused to catch our breath.

That morning we had walked along the river into Pescia and briefly enjoyed the fine fifteenth century frescos in the delightful little San Antonio Abate and a very early and probably quite faithful depiction of Saint Francis in the church dedicated to him. After a coffee in a bar just off the main piazza we had taken the old paved track across the low lying hills to meet the river again just below the villa at Collodi.

The splendid views were now hidden by the houses in whose shade we rested. We were to enjoy more that afternoon as we continued our assent to the Castello and beyond into the quiet hills, descending to Monte a Pescia, from which we would take the paved track winding down through gentle countryside to return to Pescia.

For the moment it was enough to stop and drink the water.