A Canadian Adventure

A Canadian Adventure

This was very good holiday, which offered a variety of walks and challenges! We were fortunate to have a very good and experienced leader with a great sense of humour, often needed in times of stress or tiredness. I found some of the walks tougher than expected and more D+ than D. Some of the walks could have been shorter, especially at Lynn Canyon, although I understand the leader must consider the group as a whole.

• Photographing the wildlife in Manning Park• Making it to the summit of Whistler and Sulphur Mountains• The brief viewing of Black Bears on our way to Banff
• Staying in the very pretty towns of Jasper and Banff
• Enjoying the very good company of the group as a whole


Disenchantments• Chinatown in Vancouver was very run down and only the next block, Hastings, is a den for drug addicts!
• The dreadful weather on the trip to Lynn Cannon Park. Could have been made shorter!
• Missing The Poland Lake Trial – just unfortunate.


• Be prepared for long days out. You may not be walking for 8 hours but most days start after breakfast and return late afternoon.
• Do make sure you take clothes for all weathers including a good pair of sunglasses. Climate changes very quickly.
• I would give Chinatown a miss as Hastings is situated in the next block and I felt very intimidated, even in a group.