A West Coast Walking Adventure in California

A West Coast Walking Adventure in California

Ramblers Worldwide Holidays have run an outstanding holiday in California for many years. It is an area of the planet that evidently was at the front of the queue when they handed out natural wonders. Yosemite has been described as the world’s most beautiful place. Sitting having a beer in the garden of the Ahwanhee Hotel looking up at the mountains I was hard pushed to argue the case against. In Sequoia National Park are found the world’s biggest living things. I read about the Sequoia trees as a kid but nothing prepares you for your first sight. They are huge. Kings Canyon and our accommodation at Cedar Lodge are as remote as they come. Look out for bears in the car park. The Joshua Tree National Park has an other worldly quality not found anywhere else. What at first looks like a barren desert landscape is alive with flora and fauna. All the old favourites live up to their reputations and are well worth travelling far to see. As an aside, we got to fly in one of British Airways flash new Airbus A-380’s which is the only way to travel and makes the flight to Los Angeles a pleasure to be savoured.

Joshua Tree

San Jacinto Mountains

Many of the attractions are well known but I was particularly keen to visit The Napa wine area, new to our itinerary for 2014 and a very welcome addition. Napa is a pleasant town with a wealthy feel to it but the star of the show is the Sonoma valley. Stop in Sonoma town first for the Spanish colonial feel, a great museum and the best cake and coffee shop in Christendom. Then on to walk around the Jack London State Park. It is the site of the author’s home and offers a chance for a relaxed stroll. We finished the day with a tour around Beneziger Winery. This was treat, an hour’s tour around the vines to see the process of winemaking from start to finish and then a tutored tasting with an incredibly knowledgeable lady. Walking out of the tasting I knew a great deal more about Californian wine than I did to start with. All in all the stop in Napa is a great addition to the holiday.

Half Dome; Yosemite

Experiencing the Spectacular Yosemite Views

You might ask with all these highlights which was my favourite part of the holiday. Even with the glories of Yosemite my favourite view has to down from the San Jacinto Mountains over the desert at Palm Springs. My favourite breakfast had to be biscuits and gravy in Kings Canyon. For those unfamiliar with U.S. cuisine, don’t think Rich Tea and Bisto, think scones and mushroom sauce. Well I liked it! Finally the walking, the best walk has to be down from Glacier Point into the Yosemite Valley. The best of the huge array of world class walking. You should go and see it.

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