A Wildlife Paradise

A Wildlife Paradise

Costa Rica is the perfect destination to be surrounded by a wealth of animals and birds, and the places and hotels that you stay with on the Ramblers Worldwide Holidays trips are positioned in perfect locations to take full advantage of the sheer volume of stunning and interesting wildlife that Costa Rica offers.

One memory that stays with me was when I was leading a group recently. We were eating in the hotel restaurant and we were treated to the sight of a baby Sloth and possum in a ‘stare off!’ we spent a very interesting meal avidly watching what would happen between these two animals, eventually they must have decided to call it a truce because they both walked away and we went back to our meal!

I was also very lucky on one of the tours to witness a very unusual event. When people think of sloths they usually think of lazy animals hanging around in trees all day long asleep. We managed to see close up the bizarre sight of two sloths fighting! One ended up falling out of the tree, and as we all held our breath, it managed to grab hold of a branch and hold on – to which we all breathed a sigh of relief.

It really is a paradise for anyone interested in wildlife or birds, I have had fruit thrown at me by Howler monkeys and been lucky enough to have numerous sightings of capuchin and squirrel monkeys, toucans, eagles, iguanas and leaf frogs – not even mentioning the hawks and other birds populating the trees of Costa Rica. It is a birders paradise and I would recommend taking along the Helms Field Guide to the birds of Costa Rica, so when you spot a bird with beautiful plumage or an interesting song, you will be able to give it a name and learn a bit more about it!

The guides that take us around Costa Rica are excellent and incredibly knowledgeable of the area, they can usually answer most questions you may have. I would recommend this walk to anyone interested in walking and learning more about birds and wildlife.