Almeria's Coastal Charms

Almeria's Coastal Charms

Almeria Uncovered 20th March – 27th March

This holiday was superb for the countryside and views. We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary at the end of February, and we went to Mojacar for our honeymoon. We couldn’t decide where to go for our 25th; then we saw that it was one of your new destinations. Perfect.

Of course, things had changed – they are bound to in 25 years. It is much more built up, but the pueblo is still just as charming and we had a wonderful return visit.

This picture is of the coastline with Mojacar playa shown as the white buildings, top centre. This was a lovely walk along the coast with a bit of a scramble over rocks early on but we all made it safely.

Thank you Ramblers Worldwide Holidays for a great holiday, and many thanks again to Bob, our leader.