Bad Weather No Match for Walkers in Andorra

Bad Weather No Match for Walkers in Andorra

Andorra 9th June to 23rd June 2013
Some extracts from my diary.

13th June.
Getting fitter after a few walks. We are all very excited as we have seen the rare and beautiful Ramonda plant. John A is a fountain of knowledge on botany and life.


17th June.
We climb to the summit of Pic d’Encampadana at 2,500m (8,200ft). The wind was blowing a gale and it was hard to stand up. Probably blowing at 30 to 40 mph! Hang on tight Ruth, Winnie, Zoe et al or else!


20th June.
Look at the daffodils at Pessons Lakes. Pretty impressive, yes we thought so too.


21st June.
We climb to the summit at Pic de Casamanya in two and a half hours. That’s the good news. As we got closer to the summit the mist descended so sorry no picture of me today, unlike my blog from Bulgaria last year. Our colleagues in C+ who arrived a fraction earlier saw good views. I tried hard not to cry.

22nd June.
Our final walk. Arinsal to cirque de la Coma Pedrosa. I thought the most scenic walk of the holiday. A slight technical problem was an endurance race was in progress and elite athletes were running towards us. Only one thing to do, give way to the runners as and when and keep making progress when we could.



This is a two grade holiday D+ for moi and mere mortals, C+ for more experienced and fitter walkers.
The Hotel Coray in Encamp was comfortable and the food was plentiful, varied and good. A packed lunch every day and the water safe my only expenditure was drink and transport.
This was an excellent holiday and a great group of people to go on holiday with. We all got on well even when I wore my yellow running jacket.
Our leaders Alf and Helen did a great job. There was a lot of late snowfall (and rivers in spate) meaning walks had to be amended sometimes at the last minute. This gave our leaders a lot of extra work and a few headaches, but they kept us safe and had a good time too I hope.


Alf kindly signed his book for me and Helen I hope caught her train from Paddington. Strange how the luggage system at Toulouse and Terminal 5 went wrong on the same day.