Baltic Discovery

We were thrilled with our Ramblers Worldwide Holidays’ Baltic Cruise on the MS Bramar. It was the easy and quick way to see the Baltic cities that we were particularly interested in.  This was our first experience of a cruise, but none of our misgivings about cruising were experienced. In fact, it more than met our best expectations.


It was especially good going with Ramblers Worldwide Holidays, as we had a large, 40 people sub-group, with whom to have meals and always someone to share activities with.  The fact that trips and guides were already organised saved lots of time and decisions. As on our previous seven Ramblers Worldwide Holidays trips, we found other walkers helpful and friendly to us ‘foreigners’ (Australians).


I guess you don’t want every Rambler visiting you, but since we are so far away and had had contact with Jacquie and others by email, we asked to visit your offices while we were in London.  It was a wonderful day and we were so impressed by your use of the Mill and its beautiful surroundings.

No wonder we get such good service from happy workers!