Beauty off the beaten track in the Garfagnana Valley

Beauty off the beaten track in the Garfagnana Valley

Enthusiastic walker Gerry Carson has just returned from one of our new holiday destinations, the Garfagnana Valley in central Italy. Gerry reports that he had a great time in this less-visited area, and his photos certainly showcase the beauty of this ideal mountain walking location.


The Garfagnana Valley is part of the province of Lucca in Tuscany. It is the upper valley of the river Serchio and lies between the Apennines to the north-east and the Apuan Alps to the west. It’s one of the lesser-known areas for walking in Italy.


The mountain scenery was wonderful and this two-week trip offered well graded walks in the Apuan Alps on one side of the valley, and the Apennines on the other side of this tranquil valley. The area is also peppered with many hamlets that seem lost in time in this quiet corner of Italy, and despite its many attractions and friendly locals, it is an area that has escaped tourist attention. And that made it all the more pleasant.


Meryl, our leader, was always helpful and did an excellent job in sorting all the transport to and from the trail-heads and in leading us along, up and down many interesting paths that enabled us to get the best of the views. So that, combined with the good hotels and food, and a nice group of fellow walkers, all made for an excellent trip.

Although there are also quite a few elements of local history in the area, Lucca also provides an easy-to-get-to ‘free day’ option and is a great place to visit for anyone who enjoys combining history, culture and some general sightseeing.


This is a really enjoyable trip that will suit anyone who enjoys good mountain walking.