Christmas in Cheltenham

Cheltenham at Christmas & New Year - 22nd – 27th December 2011


Whatever your circumstances or personal baggage you soon relax into a great time on this holiday. There is fantastic walking, oodles of fresh air, spacious rooms, lovely big indoor pool, music and dancing and somebody else cooks. What’s not to like!


A 40-strong party of assorted couples, singles with friends and single “singles”, plus two leaders and even some non-walkers here for the companionship. Everyone was in the mood and anticipating a jolly time, and despite the rain and mud this holiday delivers in spades – or is it buckets?
Highlights are the slog up Coopers Hill being relieved by the “pit stop” in the Royal William and for the lucky few the real ale pub in Painswick the Royal Oak. The walk around the Devil’s Chimney above Cheltenham is just stunning –if only you could see the view! – and the sherry and mince pie stop on Christmas morning is an inspired touch and really gets one in the mood for Christmas Dinner. The transformation of everyone (well almost everyone) from their rambling gear into evening “party animals” was a sight to behold. We all scrubbed up pretty well, especially after a day in the rain and mud.


You leave feeling better, smiling to yourself and looking forward to your next rambling holiday.
Highly recommended.

Please have a look at these amazing photos that I took!