Classic Greek Journey

Classic Greek Journey

We just got back from our trip, the ash cloud and strikes in Greece permitting. We really loved our Ramblers ‘classic Greek Journey’

Our group leader, Rupert, has many years experience guiding for Ramblers Worldwide Holidays. His knowledge of the archaeological sites was extensive and his use of ancient and contemporary literature readings entertaining and informative. The group was very welcoming and certainly enriched our trip experience.

One really helpful format was to allow full day self guided exploration of the sites. We enjoyed proceeding at our own pace and being able to navigate around the museums in such a way that we could avoid the usual waves of other groups.

We do have a favourite memory to share. The most surprising site was the Byzantine state of Mistras, near Sparta. The site is on a steep mountainside, capped by the ruins of a Frankish castle and with curtain walls; other fortifications; abandoned churches and residences; and a still very active nunnery and site museum on the way down.

It was a lovely sunny day with mild temperatures and the buzzing of bees visiting the many wild flowers and gardens on the site. The remaining frescoes and mosaics, especially at the monastery of Perivlepto, inspired reflection and a sense of respect for the people for had lived and worshipped there over all those centuries. The day was punctuated by our ‘picnic’ of local bread cheese and olives and later well deserved drinks at the taverna below, both shared with new friends from our group.

Richard and Margaret
Courtenay, Canada