Colourful Crete

Colourful Crete

And where in the world if the local bus is full would they get another one out of the depot and put it on just for your group? They do in Crete! So the following year I went out in the Spring. This is my favourite time of year wherever I am but to fly into Chania airport with the sun blazing down on the snow covered White Mountains ahead of you and to know all those spring flowers are awaiting you is my idea of heaven.

Whether you want to relax and soak up the atmosphere in one of the many tavernas overlooking Chania’s Venetian harbour, or perhaps swim and sunbathe on one of the sandy beaches, perhaps archaeology, photography, flowers, butterflies or birds are your thing. Well we pack all this into our holidays. No two walks are alike. In one day you will be walking down a gorge following a stream and orchid spotting; wandering between mountain villages taking in all the spectacular views; winding your way through olive, orange and lemon groves with wild flowers under your feet and the smell of herbs all around; or following lovely old mule paths high above the coast and finishing with a swim and a beer on the beach. And don’t forget all those lovely taverna lunches all using locally sourced produce.

Greek salad, olives, hard and soft cheeses, local goat and pork kebabs washed down with freshly squeezed orange juice and some Greek honey and yoghurt to finish. And lashings of olive oil, of course. Vegetarians – you will love it, and that is often my preferred food choice. This is the diet to make you live to be 100 if anything will. The only difficulty is it can make it quite hard to get started again in the afternoon! Or there is ancient history in a trip to Knossos or the awe inspiring Samaria gorge on your day off, 10 miles long and 4000 feet deep, if you have the energy.

So if I haven’t convinced you yet that this is the place to be next year then nothing will. The only drawback is you might have me as a leader and have to put up with my diabolical attempt at speaking Greek. But nothing is 100% perfect. See you soon, Sally.

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