Susan EverittCuba, 46110

Colourful Cuba

Susan EverittCuba, 46110
Colourful Cuba

Two weeks ago we left G.B.
A motley crew, as you can see.
Cuba’s been special in so many ways,
The people, the walks the action-packed days.

For this we need to give bid thanks
To two lovely people in our ranks.

Julia, the leader of our band,
Often seen with list in hand.
An organizer par excellence
And nifty at the salsa dance.
Queen of mandarins and bananas
Sarnies, smiles – and pina coladas.

And now to Ray – the greatest guy,
Tracked down the plane so we could fly
Breaking ranks, rushing to the bus
Speeding to the right terminus
Got a problem? Ray will fix it
Hearing aid, glasses, lost walking stick.

The motley crew really gelled
At bonhomie we excelled
And now we are on our way home,
Thinking of more places to roam.

Colourful Cuba – a holiday always to remember