Dreaming of Drakensberg

Dreaming of Drakensberg

What I enjoy most about leading the Drakensberg trip is the fantastic accommodation we stay in while we’re in the mountains. Of course, the scenery is fantastic too, and we go on some of the most beautiful walks imaginable, but the whole trip is enhanced by the two very different, but equally wonderful, hotels we stay in. During the summer, the mountains are the perfect setting for walking, with generally good weather and clear skies, but mild temperatures comfortable for mountain walks.

The first hotel we stay in is Cathedral Peak, a very luxurious hotel in an exceptionally scenic setting.

On all the walks we go on, we have fantastic views, the best of which are from the top of the escarpment. There is nothing more relaxing than returning to the lap of luxury after a strenuous day in the mountains, and all the groups I have taken there have loved it just as much as I do!

Our second hotel is very different, but is a lovely way to end off our holiday. What I love most about this hotel is its homely feel. The hotel is family run and its main focus is on conservation. The staff are all local Zulu people, and we always enjoy getting to know their culture and traditions, and my favourite part of the trip is the performances put on by the staff. They entertain us with traditional singing and dancing performances, while we eat our delicious home cooked meals. All in all, it is a fantastic end to a well rounded holiday!

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