An experience not to be missed

Taking you beyond the trodden path you’ll be inspired by the places you visit as you forge a deeper connection to the history you uncover, the culture you discover and the people you meet along the way. 

Combine a little walking with a range of engaging and enriching activities as you, and your travelling companions, explore the world in new ways. Seek solace amongst the mountains on a mindfulness, yoga and meditation escape. Learn the art to cooking the perfect tagine in Morocco. Watch a stunning sunset as you chase the ‘Big Five’ across Kruger National Park or tread amongst tranquil temples of worship in Indonesia. On an experiential holiday, every itinerary is designed to help you get under the skin of  your chosen destination, with an out-of the ordinary experience or the chance to learn a new skill. So why not add some extra adventure to your next walking holiday?

On the rugged coast of  North Wales; whether you travel with a bike, boat or a pair of  hiking boots; you can tackle Mother Nature head on as you enjoy brisk walks in the invigorating fresh air. Whilst in the unspoiled surroundings of the Yorkshire Dales or beside the sea in Majorca, you can wake up to a little Yoga, cleanse the mind with some meditation and stretch out after a morning of  hiking in the hills or along the beach, with a course of Pilates.

Venture to the ancient kingdom of Jordan and discover hot springs, inspiring sand dunes and the spectacular rose red city of Petra. Walk out into the mirror smooth Dead Sea and cover yourself in mineral rich mud as you sit back, relax and effortlessly float in this natural phenomenon. In Morocco you will find yourself engulfed by the colours, sounds and smells of this exotic country. Drink mint tea at an authentic Berber house. Shop for spices among the many bustling souks and cook your own tagine in the warm afternoon sun.

Discover paradise on the islands of Indonesia. Here you’ll get to witness smouldering volcanoes, snorkel above coral reefs, walk with dragons and enjoy a Balinese lunch deep in the heart of the rainforest. Amidst the mountains and jungles of Thailand you can explore your sense of adventure. Zip wire high above the treetops, bath elephants, watch children at study and pick your own ingredients for a tasty Thai feast. 

Whistlestop Japan with Ramblers Walking Holidays

Whistlestop Japan with Ramblers Walking Holidays

Dive into a country where futuristic cities and striking natural landscapes lie side by side in perfect harmony. In Japan, from the neon-lit city of Tokyo, you can jump aboard a sleek bullet train and watch the mesmerising slopes of Mount Fuji whizz past your window.

It’s hard to get much closer to nature than this, but the wide-open savannas of Kruger National Park offer the best place in the world to view some of South Africa’s wildlife. Another country famed for its dramatic and extreme landscapes is Namibia. Flanked by the rolling sand dunes of the Kalahari Desert and the icy, thundering waves of the Atlantic Sea, you can experience a traditional braai (BBQ) under the stars and meet nomadic tribes.