Five Greek Jewels

Five Greek Jewels

Island Hopping in the Eastern Aegean – 2nd – 18th June 2011
As we followed the goat track up the side of the mountain in Kalymnos, it was hard to concentrate on the rocky path and not be tempted to look down at the lush green valley of Vathi nestling in the barren mountains.

We had started the walk overlooking the picturesque little port of Rina at the mouth of a sparkling lagoon, and we were now resigned to no shade for several hours!  The air was filled with the refreshing aroma of thyme, oregano and late spring flowers bordering our tracks.

Several water stops to drink in the scenery and we were on the ridge. There was a cooling breeze as we saw the busy port of Pothia laid out below. Spurred on by the thought of ice cream we started our descent into Pothia following a long stony zigzag path down into town. We eventually weaved our way through alleyways where bougainvillea and geraniums poured over balconies, competing with the daily washing.

After our break, we travelled to lovely Vlichadia beach for lunch and a revitalizing swim. Then we visited Kalymnos Folklore Museum run by a friendly local family in a house filled with photographs of ancestors, family treasures and costumes from the past when sponge diving was the main industry of the island.

Finally we visited the beautiful Monastery of St. Savvas, patron saint of Kalynmos. From its hilltop position we had wonderful views over the island as well as a grand view of our earlier zigzag path down the mountain!

Our Group Leader was very secretive about his plans for the taverna that evening until we boarded a boat at Myrties and all was revealed as we sailed across to the tiny car free island of Telendos for a delicious fish dinner at sunset. What a day! )