Francavilla, Sicily

Francavilla, Sicily

The hotel in Francavilla where we stayed was a little old fashioned but otherwise ideal with very good food and attentive staff. It also had its own swimming pool – very refreshing although it was a little chilly! The bar was warmer however!


Being in a mountainous region the walking was obviously “up & down”. The mountain trails consisted of a variety of good tracks, narrow weaving trails and down to mountain goat tracks with, at times, very loose going underfoot and the odd occasion with no track at all.


Although we were too late for “spring”, the abundance of flowers and the smell of the wild herbs made the walking even more interesting – and a little easier!!

We climbed paths to ancient castles and churches all sited on high rocky peaks, followed by equally rocky paths. The scenery was superb with high cliffs, many of them terraced to show agricultural activity.


The high point for Sarina and I was the walk up Mt Etna, walking over a lava-strewn surface and being able to see what nature’s forces can do; the devastation the lava flows have caused; and how nature is starting to return in such an inhospitable place.

On the free day choices include Syracuse, Taormina or just relaxing.