From Tangos to Icebergs

From Tangos to Icebergs

In Patagonia

I have had the very good fortune to take a trip to Argentina and particularly Patagonia. May in the Southern Hemisphere is the beginning of winter, and perhaps not the best month to go so far south.

If you take the Ramblers Worldwide Holidays ‘In Patagonia’ holiday you are likely to enjoy some great weather, but Patagonia is stunningly beautiful whenever you might choose to visit.

I flew to Buenos Aires and spent a day looking around this amazing city. Highlights included the food, wine, and tango show. Tango I would suggest is best left to the professionals, but you can have a lesson on our holiday if you would like.

We flew down to Patagonia and stayed in El Calafate, a great little town with a real frontier feel. The main reason to come here is to see the glaciers. Perito Moreno is the most famous, but Upsala and Spegazzini are undeniably impressive.

All three come down in Lago Argentino, which means huge lumps of ice the size of your house and bigger are continually calving off the front of the glacier into the water.

It is surreal taking the boat up to the glacier with icebergs floating around you. Perito Moreno offers the most spectacular show.

The food and wine are first rate with steaks to die for – Argentineans are very fond of barbeques but there is plenty of choice for those who prefer something lighter.

On a more serious note I had the good fortune to talk with some well-educated and eloquent people about the Falkland Islands. The overwhelming attitude was they feel the Falklands should become part of Argentina but they realise there is no possibility of this happening in our lifetimes, and none would consider anything other than diplomatic means to ease relations between the two communities.

You will find yourself welcomed with open arms. Come and see for yourselves, as soon as possible, would be my advice.