Great Thundering Volcanoes of Sicily

Great Thundering Volcanoes of Sicily

Walking from Francavilla in Sicily – 7th – 14th April 2012

Sicily is an attractive location with lots of good scenery, interesting little villages and hill-top towns, and lots to see in terms of culture and history that illustrates its tempestuous past.

It also seemed to be populated with friendly locals wherever we went – and quite a few really engaging characters. I even chose to do a bit of a walk to get my lunch each day as the shop owner and his wife were just so nice.

The walks were well graded and each day took us through lots of interesting places. A real highlight for me was the day that took us on a walk high up on to the snow-clad shoulder of Mount Etna.

The views were superb, with the added bonus that the volcano actually erupted just as we were heading back to be picked up by our bus.

It really was a memorable spectacle, especially as we were in no danger and so all quite content to look at it from some distance away, feeling no need to make a dash to safety!

Another highlight was a walk that went down to the pretty but also touristy town of Taormina.

Quite a contrast from all the quieter places we had visited, but it was also full of history, and most of us also chose to go there on our “free day”. It was easy and cheap to get to, as well. But then each day brought its own highlights and there was plenty of variety.

The hotel and food were very good too. The only slight downside was the weather, as it soon became apparent why this is such a green island.

Suffice to say the Ramblers Worldwide Holiday information sheet does suggest people should come equipped with good boots, gaiters and waterproofs and that really should be heeded! But if suitably equipped, you are sure of a good time; all said and done we did have sunny and warm weather most of the time.