Great times for a single traveller

Great times for a single traveller

Susan Parker has wandered the world as a single traveller with Ramblers Worldwide Holidays. 


She’s wondering if her upcoming trips to Morocco and India can outdo her already wide range of wonderful travel experiences. 

As a single traveller, all my Ramblers holidays have been super ... chatting, walking along with the group all day, good meals, sharing the same tables in the evening ... ideal for people like me. Where to start on the sights seen? Slogging up Dune 45 in Namibia?

Watching and hearing great slices of the Perito Moreno glacier ‘calving’ into the Lake?


Stunned by the beauty of the Iznik tiles decorating the Blue Mosque? Every detail of my visit to Syria ... sampling the delicious goodies in the women's section of the ice-cream parlour of the Al -Hamadiye souk in Damascus, my wanting to practise my bit of Arabic, the girls outdoing me with their excellent English … Aleppo, Krak de Chevalier… all now sadly out of reach. Petra, Wadi Rum, dune-bashing in Oman?

I just want to say, don't change your format or any destinations. I’m already looking forward to Marrakesh this year and Simla in 2016!