Hiking the Himalayas – how much better can it get?

Hiking the Himalayas – how much better can it get?


That’s what RWH tour leader Adrian Flatt is wondering; He’s on top of the world following his recent trip to Bhutan, Darjeeling and Sikkim.

Fine views from characterful hotels perched on prominent ridges in the Himalayan foothills … high snows towering over the dark green forests of the inner Himalayas … strings of Bhuddist flags looping up to flutter their prayers into the breeze: how much better can it get?


The stunning colours of the costumes of the local people, the verdant tea plantations in their clipped uniformity –it’s all awe-inspiring. But what is the best thing about this far-flung tour?


I’ll tell you. The best aspect is the friendly giant Anand Joshi,our expert local guide. Born and schooled in Darjeeling, the ever-cheerfulAnand is quite possibly the best companion any traveller could want in this exotic destination.


Knowledgeable, caring and entertaining, to enjoy the company of this man in Darjeeling and Sikkim is sufficient reason to make the journey. Believe it! If you are a person who is looking for a Pioneer Grade tour, look no further.