Idle Thoughts of Spring in Crete

Idle Thoughts of Spring in Crete

The two of us have just returned from our very extra special fortnight of walking the goat trails and other byways of rugged western Crete, an adventure happily extended by three days, courtesy of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption.

We were able to witness the unfolding of Spring under the watchful, knowledgeable, and ever caring guidance of our truly fine Leader (who was even able to arrange for perfect weather conditions throughout). And it was a pleasure to be accompanied by a dozen uniformly supportive and like-minded hikers, flower seekers (finding well over 100 species, with some half dozen orchid species among them), bird watchers, amateur historians (coming upon Minoan, Roman, Venetian, and other ancient ruins galore), and appreciators of the clearly best of the much vaunted Mediterranean diet
(including the best oranges and tomatoes ever).


Various churches wholly or partially enclosed within limestone caves provided fascinating diversions on several of our walks; and adequate free time allowed us to soak up Cretan culture more seriously with visits to cathedrals and museums (archeological, folklore, and maritime).

Swimming in both the Cretan Sea to the north and the Libyan Sea to the south was a special treat for some of us. Andone of the most pleasant surprises of this adventure was the unstinting kindness and generosity of the local people we chanced upon in our daily excursions. On the other hand, one of our newly acquired miseries is the unavailability of the locally produced artisanal red wines, beer, and liqueur (raki). All in all, this was one of the very best to date of our 18 fine Ramblers adventures since 1999.

Arthur & Carol Westing
Putney, Vermont, USA