Impressions Of The Lycian Way

Impressions Of The Lycian Way

During his holiday walking the Lycian Way, Michael came across several instances of good Turkish hospitality.


The walkers participating in this holiday got to enjoy some fantastic scenery, particularly of the coastal area.


Michael thought the holiday provided a good mixture of walking, with quite a lot being in more remote areas, where the locals were pleased to see new faces.

According to the author, the Lycian Way presented some very good archaeological sites – especially Patara, Myra and Phaselis.


The Chimaera – a rock slope where several small cavities are on fire at all times – was another highlight of the trip.


‘Hercules Sarcophagus’ (c) 2006 Julian Fong. Used under a Creative Commons license.

Michael was also impressed by the really excellent archaeological museum in Antalya, with its amazing number of marble statues and sarcophagi, most of which seem to have been recovered with very little damage. Coin collections and many other artefacts are also on display at the museum