Incredible Journey through Southern Africa

Incredible Journey through Southern Africa

An African Journey  3­-28 October, 2012

From Chobe Safari Lodge, Botswana, we set off at dawn for a game drive through the National Park.  We were greeted with sightings of elephants, water buffalo (by the Chobe River), kudo, impala, baboons, helmeted guinea fowl and yellow-billed hornbill, amongst other birds and animals.  Suddenly our Ranger stopped the jeep – there in the sand was a lion’s paw-print.  The Ranger informed us that a lioness with very young cubs was in the area.  And there she was, crouching in the bush looking for prey.  The radio crackled, announcing that a leopard had been sighted on the track ahead.  After a short drive we saw him, in the branches of a tree – a truly magnificent sight.

A magnificent Leopard

On the way back through the park we sighted the lioness again – moving her three cubs to a safer refuge.  Our Warden knew which bush she was heading for and he positioned the jeep just nearby.  We sat there open-mouthed as she walked towards us with a baby cub in her jaws.

A Lioness with her cub

I will never forget that wonderful moment.  Nor the incredible journey through Namibia:  Etosha Park with hundreds of animals easily visible at water holes – yes we got The Big Five (including our leopard at Chobe); the Okavanga Delta with crocodiles; the awe-inspiring sand dunes at Sossusvlei; and the tranquillity of the Orange River – before heading into South Africa and onto Cape Town.

This is truly a holiday of a life time.