La Ruta Del Fin Del Mundo

Ramblers Walking Holiday Leader and Board Member, Mike Duxbury, has just returned from his ‘Magic of Patagonia’ holiday, this time as a client with his wife, Majorie, leading the group. He was thrilled by the ‘once in a lifetime’ experience of landscapes unlike anywhere he’s ever been before.

‘The Road to the end of the World’ takes  you on a fascinating journey from Buenos  Aries to the vast pampas of Patagonia and the  Fitzroy and Glacier National Parks in  Argentina, and then onto Chile and the  Torres del Paine with its three magnificent  granite towers and tumbling glaciers.

Patagonia the land of Ice and Fire; the home of Human Giants and the long extinct Milodon, a huge Sloth-like herbivorous creature. A journey with endless skies that go beyond the horizon. Days with four seasons of weather; so be prepared!

A visit to this fascinating country with its  endless  wilderness is an experience never to be  forgotten. You will walk amongst the high mountains of the Andes and see huge glaciers and  hear crashing avalanches. Trek along endless trails through flower filled glaciated valleys; see  Condors rise and circle and Guanaco look at you with those bemused eyes. A place of raw nature and unsurpassed beauty.