Lycian Verse

Lycian Verse

The leader we trusted was Julia
Who did something very peculiar
She gave up her time
For barely a dime
Guiding walkers around Anatolya.

Now out at the front was Behzat
Who walked with a scarf on his hat
Showed us panoramas
“No worries – one drama”
While sneaking the odd cigarette.

Recep drove us round in the bus
Took us safely all over – no fuss
From the start of the climb
To the end of the line
He was always there waiting for us.

We wandered in grassland and glade
And pine forests dappled with shade
Through cities long dead
Down to swim in the Med
Then on beautiful beaches we laid.

We’ll miss yoghurt and honey and chai
And the blue of the sea and the sky
It’s back to the rain
But we’ll come again
So ‘tea-sugar’ Turkey – Goodbye.