Lyrical Walking Holidays: Cuba

Lyrical Walking Holidays: Cuba

Colourful Cuba, 09-24 February 2013

Christopher Columbus crossed the sea

I place this cross so you belong to me

The lizard basks on the fortress wall

While the corsair runs from cannon ball

The Spanish Main and black slavery

Everyone must be set free


America play at off shore thrills

Buy their fun with dollar bills

Frank Sinatra sings a song

The mafia men all sing along

Fidel Castro in ‘53

Revolution can set us free

Women in white red flowers in hand

Pray for release, making their stand

Marks and God might not agree

Black Madonna pray for me

Her and his history

Written by the winner not the free


Russian lorries climb the hills

Walkers, talkers seeking thrills

Brown skinned girl with silver nails

Carries bananas up mountain trail

Valentine’s Day we swim in the sea

Only love can set you free

Vulture circles in crystal sky

Rolls cigar on virgins thigh

Salsa teacher says “One, two, three”

Feel the rhythm, dance with me

Looking for CUC’s, hard currency

Only money can set you free

White light flash on sequinned kiss

On tight blue t-shirt on Baroca miss

Diamanté arse, every bit fit

On killer heals to make the hit

Brown skinned girl says dance with me

Let the music set you free

Work in progress say Che , Hemingway

Everything changes day by day

Alberto drives by in a 50’s Chevrolet

Red white, convertible, Havana nice day

I wrote a note on the message tree

Ramble on my amigos,

Ramble on, ramble free