Marching Along the Milford Track

Marching Along the Milford Track

A marvellous holiday in every way, the weather was exceptionally good and the accommodation excellent. The food was varied but in general very good.

The walking ranged from good to excellent and the group gelled together, with ages varied from 50’s to 70’s, but we were all good walkers…of course walking in the sunshine is easy but with a good leader it makes it even better.!!! (I was told to say that)!!!

Queenstown was quaint, busy and interesting with lots to look at and absorb the New Zealand way of living life to the full – challenging / fast moving & different…

The South Island Trip was wonderful and included as much as we could see / do within the 26 days. We actually covered 1573 miles in the coach but it passed so quickly it wasn’t a problem.

Frequent stops and walks helped to keep most of us awake…

Having our own 18 seater coach throughout the tour was a bonus & the driver(s) were knowledgeable and never stopped talking – how could anyone go to sleep and miss all the facts about lakes / roads / birds etc etc!

The Milford Track and the Doubtful Sound cruise proved to be highlights – but again it was down to what you made of the events.

Mackinnon Pass – the highlight on the Milford Track – a challenging climb – views to remember and photographs to remind me….

We had good leaders, good weather & everybody wanting to make the most of the Rain Forest , walking, the chance to sail on the Sound , kayak and swim in complete peace and quiet.

Perfect weather, marvellous boat, top class accommodation and food to die for….

This is a holiday I can thoroughly recommend and thanks to Carl our leader, one WE all enjoyed!

Tom – one of our hardy walkers did the “Original Bungy” Jump.

This is certainly a Holiday to go on….