Meet the Locals

From safaris in Africa, to sea lion spotting on the Galápagos Islands and visits through tropical rainforests alive with bird song and frog chorus; we share our planet with some of the world’s most magnificent animals. Who wouldn’t want to see elephants trumpeting, lion’s prowling and buffalo’s bathing around the waterholes of the African plains? If you’re an animal lover then these locations are best placed to witness the colourful and cute, mighty and magnificent, fearsome and furry friends in their natural environment.

There's more to the Caribbean than beautiful beaches...

Green Iguana, Arnos Vale - Tobago

Green Iguana, Arnos Vale - Tobago

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago are the most southerly in the Caribbean, and are home to over 450 different species of bird. Here you can expect to see majestic red bellied Macaws, flitting Scarlet Ibises and colourful Channel-billed toucans performing acrobatics in the sky. 

Komodo Dragon at Komodo National Park  (kongsak sumano shutterstock_134598140.jpg

Walk with Dragons

On the paradise islands of Java, Bali and Flores you can meet the monkeys, walk with dragons and snorkel in the surrounding azure waters. The Komodo dragon is the largest, heaviest lizard in the world and with its yellow-coloured, forked tongue it bears a striking resemblance to a mythical, fire breathing dragon.

Fascinating wildlife both on land and in water

Sea lion swimming underwater in tidal lagoon in the Galapagos Islands.

Sea lion swimming underwater in tidal lagoon in the Galapagos Islands.

On the Galápagos Islands the human footprint has been kept to a minimum, allowing nature and wildlife to roam free. This awe-inspiring tropical paradise is home to over 50,000 sea lions – which exclusively breed here – and you can delight in watching them swim and sunbathe on one of the many sandy beaches.

In Search of the Big Five...

From languorous giraffes to cantankerous rhinos, mud-bathing elephants and laughing hyenas; you can discover the full majesty of nature when you journey across the world’s greatest wilderness. Track the Big Five on a bush walk or jeep safari or travel by mokoro canoe and come eye to eye with hippos and crocodiles. And when you visit the Serengeti during the summer months, you can witness the largest migration of mammals anywhere on earth.