Ramblers Worldwide Holidays’ Taste of New Zealand

Ramblers Worldwide Holidays’ Taste of New Zealand

At New Zealand House the tone for an evening of gasps and exclamations was set by the view of the London skyline from the top floor.

But that was only the beginning of the amazing sights to come. We were treated to a traditional Maori cultural performance performed by resident New Zealanders who practice every week to keep their cultural traditions alive.

The Great and the Good came from far and wide to support our Taste of New Zealand Evening last week. We welcomed ex TV Holiday presenter John Carter at the gathering and some other journalists as well as our own Joint MD’s, Kathy Cook & Tony Lock.

John Carter, the former TV travel presenter, shared his favourite New Zealand story about passports for teddy bears – one of the fond memories of his Antipodean travels.

Leaders, Al and Jane Sarjeant told tales of Ramblers Worldwide Holidays to New Zealand to their entranced audience.

Judging from the glowing faces and happy smiles in that surrounded me throughout the event, I am confident to claim that the Taste of New Zealand was a successful night for all concerned.

To find out more about our special walking holidays in New Zealand, please see ourwebsite. If you want to see some more images from this event then visit our Facebookphoto album.