Return to Andorra

Return to Andorra

The indescribably lovely valleys and lakes branching off from the Valira were ample compensation for the rather traffic clogged and bespoiled main valley. And the range of hard walking at a solid C+ was second to none. Not for nothing did Ramblers Worldwide Holidays go back every summer for more than 40 years! The intriguing and unique little principality wormed its way into my heart, and, courtesy of Cicerone Press, I even ended up devoting a large part of two years to writing an English guidebook to the area in order to share my pleasure more widely.

Though I had myself moved on to pastures new and handed on the tour to others a few years ago, I noticed with a jolt of sadness that the great old favourite had finally given up the ghost and made its departure from the brochure last year. But no! This year my planning friends have Andorra back again.

At a much more amenable D/D+ it will be available to a whole new generation of walkers. I had always believed the area had potential at a lower grade, and nagged the planners on the subject for about a decade. So my application is already in to go back with the delightful challenge of organising a whole new programme at a different grade.

I am going back to enjoy favourite places and old friends, why don`t you join me for new adventures?

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