​Rum, Rastas and rambling – the Caribbean experience

​Rum, Rastas and rambling – the Caribbean experience

Marval Grabner took on board some important lessons on our new Caribbean Explorer island-hopping trip!

Aaaaah, the CARIBBEAN! So lovely, so sunny, so friendly! I learned a few very important things:

#1. Do not drink that rum punch at lunch if you want to do ANYthing in the afternoon....

#2. All these islands are "undulating"! And that translates into a series of ascents and descents (no flat areas) if traveling with a hiking group ... training on a treadmill for a week before the trip is NOT enough, even if it is set on "incline"!

#3. The Rastas are a caring, laid-back group; they are good guides, committed to healthy, natural foods and preservation of nature.

#4. The history of the Arawaks and slavery on the islands is incredibly sad.

#5. An 80 year-old man was in our hiking group and he never fell behind or gasped for air... "Hope springs eternal..."