Seeing Mont Blanc from all sides

Seeing Mont Blanc from all sides

Gerry Carson recently completed Le Tour de Mont Blanc, often regarded as one of the world’s greatest walks, which allows you to trek around Europe’s highest mountain. If, like Gerry, you also like your creature comforts, our Mont Blanc Hotel Trek is for you.

This is a very enjoyable trip for anyone who is up to this sort of walking and relishes fine alpine scenery, whilst also enjoying a cosy hotel room at the end of each day’s section of the walk.

Le Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the best known of the classic alpine treks, and it follows well-defined mountain paths that are of a good standard. All of the walks included in this version of the tour were well suited to the C/C+ grading. Our leader, Alf Robertson, did a fine job leading us around these interesting trails and in pointing out key sights and points of interest, be they in the mountain scenery or in the flora and fauna.

Whilst most seem to choose to do it the other way round, we undertook our tour in a clockwise direction, and that meant for most of the time the paths were pretty clear and quiet. Ideal, really, as we were doing this at a peak holiday time.

We were lucky with the weather too, and only had to brave a few downpours. Somewhat naturally this did cause us to have to change our planned route now and again, and especially so when bridges or roads had been affected, as is pretty common in these sort of mountain areas. But even the diversions proved interesting.

Rest days also provided good opportunities to explore the areas we were in as we travelled around the Mont Blanc Massif and through France, Switzerland and Italy. Or indeed just to enjoy a well-deserved rest and take things at an easier pace.

So, in all a good trip, and one I would certainly recommend to any fit and keen walker.