The Gargano Peninsula

The Gargano Peninsula

The Gargano Promontory in Apulia is the spur on the Italian heel. One of the privileges of being a Ramblers Worldwide Holidays leader is the opportunity to explore places that one would not normally visit and then make a holiday that is physical, good walking; mentally stimulating, a new environment and culture; and spiritual, an emotional uplift. I’m sure that the Gargano is going to offer all these and that it would be difficult to experience them without the planning and research put in by Ramblers Worldwide Holidays (try and find a walking map of the area). And the first two tours let you escape a general election campaign!

These also are the flower holidays when the orchids and irises should be at their best. Most of the flower knowledge that I have has come from clients on other tours. One of the pluses of Ramblers Worldwide Holidays is the varied interests and enthusiasms amongst the group that enrich the enjoyment and appreciation for all. I always carry the Marjorie Blamey and Christopher Grey-Wilson flower book with me to cope if there is no ‘expert’!

Expect the unexpected and you shouldn’t be disappointed. English patriots can celebrate St George’s day in style at a palio (horse race) on the glorious sandy beach at our centre Vieste. Other surprises… well, come and find them! Whatever the time of year the Latin temperament prevails here in the European south. I think that Latin people show their joy of living more openly than (the more emotionally inhibited?) from northern climes. Who doesn’t need a lift right now? Having done nearly all of the Ramblers Worldwide Holidays’ Italian holidays, I know this should be one to remember and treasure.

If you’re still not convinced, look at the price – come and feel the quality with me!
Nigel Shervey

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