The Upper Inn Valley


Of course the perfect weather added to our enjoyment of the surrounding scenery as we ambled through flowery meadows and dappled woodland, with mountains rising up on either side, and at the end of the valley frequent glimpses of a glistening white glacier. Lunch was taken at the Gasthof adjoining the newly restored magnificent pilgrimage church that was quite idyllic – and we didn’t feel a bit guilty that our pilgrimage had been in stout walking boots, rather than like more devout pilgrims – barefoot or with peas in our shoes (and I mean peas of the dried variety, not mushy peas!)

This was just one of the delights of Ladis, a superb walking centre, made all the more enjoyable by returning each evening to the Hotel Goies with its luxurious spa pool and sauna.

And the food! A five-course meal every evening – except when it was six! And no fewer than five varieties of freshly baked bread for breakfast. However, this was no upmarket sterile hotel, but a real family business with a wonderful friendly welcome.

A particular bonus of this holiday was the free lift pass included for each guest – of which we made full use. This meant we could start many of our walks at a high level and use a number of the “panorama paths”.

No, we didn’t have a week of the brilliant weather we enjoyed in the Kauntal. In fact, on our last afternoon we took at trip up on the lifts to experience walking in the snow, which had fallen on the spot, where on our first day we had basked in the sun at the end of our walk, as we revelled in coffee and strudel – a vital ingredient of any holiday in Austria.

Ladis certainly gets my vote as a top Ramblers Worldwide Holidays destination.