The Yorkshire Dales

Slightly apprehensive before meeting on Day Zero. Am I the only novice? Will there be others on their own? In this group of 15 walkers gathered in Skipton, I’m relieved to discover another newbie to rambling and some other singletons.

It isn’t cold but it is raining as we set out on Day One. This serves to break the ice in record time. Some of us take an unofficial mid-morning coffee break in a pub. Our leader points out that our companions are huddling in a bus shelter so we down our lattes in a single gulp and rush to join new friends. And for the rest of the holiday the weather is glorious, so needn’t be mentioned again! In a pub in Grassington – more coffee, this time legit – we meet Jack who reminds us of Goldilocks. He likes to perch on ladies’ laps – first one, then another – but as he’s a small terrier dog, no harm’s done.

Walking around Malham is fantastic. It’s a much-photographed part of the UK, and I took a few to add to the collection. It goes without saying that the Yorkshire Dales National Park is a real treat. I wish I’d planned to stay longer, and hope to return one day.
A big thanks to new found friends for making this Canuck feel welcome. If you are ever over my way, I’d love to return the hospitality.