The Zugspitz Arena

The Zugspitz Arena

Well , this is only my second blog as an Adagio leader. The last one I wrote was for the Stylish Umbria tour that I also devised for Adagio.  I don’t usually write blogs, but I feel it is my duty to let all the mountain lovers among you know about this new Adagio holiday for 2019. It really is a hidden gem in the Austrian Tyrol and a must do if you have enjoyed the other mountain tours that we have in the Adagio brochure. Why not book the experience for yourself.

It all started when I was in the RWH Travel office talking to Itineraries Manager. He said to me “we really need another mountain tour, have you got any ideas Peter?” I thought for a few moments and suggested to him that the Zugspitze could be a possibility. To me the idea of the Zugspitze at nearly 3,000m was rather like the Jungfrau in the Lazy Alps tour and the Marmolada in the Delightful Dolomites tour, both big attractions in themselves. 

I offered to do the initial survey for the tour, but what I found and saw during my week exploring exceeded all my expectations. From the moment I set foot inside the hotel and stepped out onto my balcony to find such stunning scenery right in front of me, I knew I was onto a winner here.

As the days progressed it just got better and better. Day after day I was treated to marvellous views and the hotel provided me with wonderful food. I couldn’t help saying to myself “they are just going to love this place, they are just going to love it”.

We stay in Ehrwald, a lovely Austrian village at the foot of the Zugspitze and there are fabulous views from the garden of the hotel. One evening I rushed out to take a photo of the Zugspitze from the front door as the mountain was turning pink at sunset.

The scenery is sublime with 360 degree views from the Arena, which is a flat area between the groups of mountains.  The low level walking is easy, but so rewarding for no effort at all. Higher up it was a joy to capture the reflected views of the mountains in the lakes I visited.

I couldn’t help feeling that the day I spent exploring the Heiterwangersee lake by boat and on foot was going to be another winner. Again wonderful scenery and not unlike the Fjordland of New Zealand that I had experienced a couple of years ago but without 24 hours of flying!

Later in the week, I took the cable car to the top of the Zugspitze itself.  The ride up is truly spectacular, climbing nearly 2,000m on one cable. The ride down is quite exciting too and you will have to experience that for yourself! At the top the views are exceptional and matched those that we have when I take groups to the top of the Marmolada. I was equally excited at the prospect of going down to the glacier in another cable car to be able to get my feet on the rock so to speak and do a little exploring.  To round off the day there is an easy walk back to our hotel, again with more beautiful views.

I know everybody really likes our Lazy Alps tour, but I personally feel that this tour will match it if not beat it. At the end of the survey I returned home with over 300 photos and I fed my enthusiasm for the tour back to the office. One response I got was that if it is going to be this good then we will have to get clients to draw lots to see who can go! So what are you waiting for, get booking before its all sold out. 

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