Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago - 3rd – 15th March 2012

Birdwatchers arrived in the dry (wet) season of Trinidad and Tobago. We all went down to La Nina so wellies on and off we went!

Arriving as a mixed ability group of birders, our first outing showed us as keen but uncoordinated. The call of ‘a bird’ brought a response of, “Where?”

Joking aside, we found our accommodation provided wonderful opportunities to see many birds visiting the feeding stations close by. We were taken around the two main islands by expert and congenial local guides to view and record 195 different birds, collectively, in savannah, wetlands, mangrove swamps and rainforests. We were offered sights of blue-backed mannikins doing their courtship display, magnificent frigatebirds and red-billed tropicbirds as recorded by David Attenborough in his Life of Birds documentary series.


Not only birds but lots of other wildlife too.

Although this was a holiday with bird watching as its raison d’etre you could have enjoyed it from a botanical, photographical and environmental standpoint just as well.