Untouched Puglia

Untouched Puglia

The Gargano Peninsula – September 9th – 16th

The Gargano Peninsula is a lovely coastal part of Puglia and thankfully doesn’t appear to be well known to many tourists yet – which is nice for a walking group. We were a group of 15, none of whom knew each other prior to the holiday and we gelled pretty quickly – although there were two of the group who never joined us on any walks.

The best walk was on the second day – this was seven miles of easy walking along some really beautiful coastline. We saw quite a few trabucci – these are massive wooden constructions from which a net is suspended to catch fish.


It was very sunny and hot on this day and we had a couple of bar stops as well as lunch on the beach. Some of us took the opportunity to take our boots off for a bit and paddle in the sea!


The highlight for many of our group was on the ‘day off’ when we took a boat trip along the coast. This included actually going into the most amazing caves and seeing beaches and beautiful rock formations inside. It was very good value too – ten Euros for a three hour trip and even included a pigeon English commentary – although that was hard to hear over the boat’s engine and the excited chattering of many Italian tourists on board!


However, it’s best not to take anything for granted – our first walk of the holiday was a ten mile walk and it rained the whole time, which was not quite what we were expecting but everyone was amazingly good humoured, even when we had to walk an extra mile because the bus driver had dropped us in the wrong place! After that day, the holiday could only get better, and it did.