The 2018 Hot List

Whether you want to witness a spectacular sunset from a stunning mountain top or watch the silhouettes of some of the world’s most impressive predators as they wander off  into the African sunset; we've rounded up a list of our brand new, must-see places to travel to in 2018.

Escape to the Mountains

When you venture far from the madding crowds, the noisy tourist hotspots and the hustle and bustle of  city life; you can head to the mountains for unrivalled views, serenity and adrenaline-fuelled walks.

shutterstock_255431056 Medina of Chefchaouen, Morocco. Chefchaouen .jpg

The Rif Mountains

The picture-perfect Medina city of Chefchaouen in Morocco is a vision in blue, with houses painted in varying shades to mimic the sky. From here, you can set out on a hillside hike or idly stroll to find tranquility amongst the strikingly beautiful Rif Mountains.


Arosa Village

When you picture an idyllic alpine resort Arosa, set in the high mountains surrounding a lake, will instantly surpass it. In the summer months the mountain slopes are carpeted in a cornucopia of  flowers, and you can hike through dense forest to crystal clear lakes.


Apuans & Apennines

The Apuan Alps glisten all year round, due to the pristine white marble that cloaks them, and entice hikers to come and explore. You can walk through hilltop villages, meet with the locals and visit medieval hermitages.


Andorra Mountain Trek

For those intrepid explorers who love a challenge, nothing beats a high-altitude adventure amongst the high passes and peaks of Andorra. Here you will find an unlimited amount of  trekking trails, green mountain pastures, beautiful valleys and brilliant blue lakes, offering an escape from urban life.

Islands in the Sun

shutterstock_298614170 Trekking from Pico do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo, Madeira island, Portugal.jpg


Whether it’s the sound of the waves, a constant sea view or that feeling of  escapism, an island getaway is special in every way. Discover the rural charms of the ‘garden island’ of Madeira, as you follow its many levadas listening to the sound of birdsong and distant church bells. Look down upon a patchwork of terraced vineyards and pretty botanical gardens as you reward yourself with a glass of sweet Madeira wine.


Adriatic Coast

Watch the waves gently lap the magnificent bay of Kotor as you explore the dramatic, untouched scenery of Montenegro and meander up the Adriatic Coast to the Island of Korcula. By land or by boat, the azure waters remain your constant companion.

Fairy-tale Castles and Count Dracula

shutterstock_530937571 Medieval street view in Sighisoara, Romania.jpg

Romanian Highlights

Think of Romania and you automatically think of Dracula, with its spooky hill top castles, gothic and baroque buildings and echoing mountain ranges. But, when you wander around the cobbled backstreets of its medieval towns, you will discover bustling shops and lively cafés, shoe horned between fortified churches and fairy-tale castles.


Lake Constance

Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein all rub shoulders in the mountain country around Lake Constance, allowing you to walk four countries in just one holiday. Take gentle footpaths along the shore as they lead you down to natural beaches. Wind your way through deep gorges and between rock faces, as the footpaths take you past trickling streams and roaring waterfalls. 

A Walk on the Wild Side

South Africa’s scenery varies from mighty mountain ranges to vast plains covered in vines, thrilling cliff-top paths and remote stretches of untouched beach. Experience it all when you walk its wild coasts, and explore some of  its top hiking trails. Discover the flora and fauna of  its many National Parks before spending an afternoon tracking the Big Five on an exhilarating game safari and watching the sunset behind the mighty Table Mountain.

shutterstock_218004820 Beautiful Table Mountain covered in clouds at sunset.jpg

Wild Coast of South Africa

These are just a selection of new destinations that will stay with you long after you have left their shores – so where will you travel to next?