Walking in Austria

The Upper Inn Valley – Aug 28th – Sep 4th

Caroline and I needed a holiday – we needed to relax and get fit at the same time – sounds like a bit of an oxymoron but that is what Ramblers Worldwide Holidays do for you….

We were greeted at Zurich Airport by Ursula Dedek, a marvellous lady, who not only exudes enthusiasm but also actually does care about you and your wellbeing.


The Ladis Goies Hotel is a haven in the Alps, food to die for, and typical Austrian spa facilities to refresh us at the end of the day’s walking. We invested in a room upgrade (go for room 100 if you get a chance).

Off we went on a short transfer to the start of one of our D+ walks – who left the hotel gate open?

The walk was from Prutz to Landeck, along the Via Claudia Augusta (also known as the Pilgrimage Way). A few 100 metres of ascent and descent and beautiful views across the valley saw us to the village of Fliess with its two baroque churches and an apple strudel lunch stop.


A goat decided to try and follow us through the fence!

The path continued through flower-infested meadows to Schloss Landec where local beer greeted the weary travellers.

A surprising late August overnight snow dump left us with wonderful views of the mountains for the rest of the week.

The following day I decided to join leader Alf on a C walk high up in the snow – more challenging but great fun – one of the benefits of a location that offers alternative walks.


This was our first Ramblers holiday and will certainly not be our last – get those boots out and join us next year