Walking in Italy

Walking in Italy

Walking from Iseo 16 September – 23 September, 2012

I wish I could explain the joys of walking in this beautiful part of the world, but all my efforts seem as flat as this picture of the great summit we climbed on our last day.

My blog would set off at a goodly pace then after a while pause kindly, to allow you, dear reader to catch up.

As the village and its meadows are left behind it would ascend through the forest keeping the measure of pacing and pausing, not faltering till the trees themselves do. Refreshed by the views of mountains and lake, proud of having come so far and with the sky only a few feet away victory would seem too easy.

Not so, for as the slope stills, a calm and noble prospect of two sun swept summits opens out.

Slowly the path rises, and slowly we tread savouring the scentless mountain air. It quickens and we slow yet more. No self respecting mountain gives in too easily. It plays with us. It tries and tests us. Exhaustion is rewarded with encouragement, a softening and a smile and yet another test.
Heeding not the smaller summits siren call, straight to our goal we head. The grass grows thin. Surely and steadily we sweat the stony slope. Success sighted, our steps speed, the senior summit surrenders sweetly. It is subdued.

The peak proves peaceful. Our elation evaporates before it’s expressed.

Rested and refreshed we pick out way down.

The second conquest is willingly won and our long descent begins. Scenes we’d had to stop for now open invitingly to our sight. Our thoughts which turned inward before, now open generous and expansive on the way down. We soon reach a picnic spot with shade and a view.


A substantial roll full of superlative ham is a very good thing, so too was the arrival of our friends on the easier walk, but the reminder that they had a pizza waiting not far away whilst we had a long ramble down to Marone brought back the anguish of the decision the night before.

Long walk or long lunch? That afternoon proved I was right. It was a delight, good company and delicious views abounded. Even sighting the best ice cream shop in Lombardy in the distance across the valley of the Piramidi was greeted with pleasure not regret.

Finally an ice cold beer at the bar by the lake concluded an excellent day and a hard blog.