Return to Puerto de Soller

Majorca’s image as a holiday destination is usually that of a party island of sun, sea and sand. But there’s a very different side to it; on the north-west of the island, a beautiful mountainous hinterland runs parallel to coast and is fantastic country for walking. Gerry Carson found his second visit to be even better than his first.

My very first trip with Ramblers Worldwide Holidays was to Puerto de Soller some eight years ago, and finding myself with a free slot towards the end of the main hiking season, I remembered it as such a nice place that it was worth a return visit. But then, as departure day approached, I wondered if this had been such a wise choice, and whether it might fail to live up to my memories and be found wanting?

On arrival though, I realised I had simply forgotten how beautiful Puerto de Soller’s setting is. The hotel was a step up from the last time too, and as the walks unfolded lots more happy memories were revived. So many sights up in the mountains and along by the coast that it is little wonder the rich and famous have long sought ‘hideaways’ on this beautiful island that is so much at odds with the impression many hold of it. All very much a far cry from the usual image of cheap and maybe not so cheerful sun and beach holidays.

So, whether for the first time or as a return visit, I would encourage anyone who loves fine scenery and pleasant walking to go. Beyond this, I will let the few photos speak for themselves.