Walking in Malta and Gozo

Walking in Malta and Gozo

When booking for an island walking holiday you are looking for sunshine, warmth, beautiful scenery dominated by the sea and cliffs, quaint villages, friendly people and its history. This came in abundance on my recent two centre Ramblers Worldwide  Holidays on Malta and Gozo.

When booking a Ramblers Worldwide Holiday package you are looking for a full programme of walking which meets the criteria of the grade it prescribes, good comfortable accommodation, quality food reflecting the country and a friendly and enthusiastic leader. Again all expectations were met and it is thanks to RH and leader, David Pace, who provided us with an extensive set of walks which helped us see the beauty of Malta and Gozo.

The ten night holiday (five nights at each location) was in full sunshine and warm, with the exception of one particular day, the organisation of transfers to and from walks was efficient and the time given to explore the culture and history of Malta and Gozo was adequate. One highlight was the 4 hour guided tour of Valletta led by one of the senior city guides giving us an insight into the city’s varied history.

The party of 18, plus leader, gelled together very quickly and there was much banter and discussion throughout the holiday. David planned walks every day usually leaving at 9:30 and not returning before 17:00 which allowed the actual walks to be just under 5 hours and plenty of time to explore the areas and visit the many cafes.

One day we found a British couple in a hired car travelling up a disused road, we were coming down, trying to find their destination. Naturally we gave them some guidance including giving them bearings, grid references and advice on following the sun! A few days later we met up with them again. The new, young Maltese Prime Minister had his inauguration whilst we were in Malta and then he had a walkabout in the streets with his wife. The British lady approached him (no security around him) and congratulated him on his new position and asked him to improve the signage on the island because …. “we had to ‘rescued’ by the British Ramblers Worldwide Holidays group ….!”

Once again Ramblers Worldwide Holidays has produced a great holiday providing enjoyable walking, comfortable accommodation and an excellent leader.