Walking in the Canaries: An Ode to Bob

Walking in the Canaries: An Ode to Bob

1 March – 8 March 2013, La Palma – La Isla Bonita

Now Bob’s our Rambler’s leader,

La Palma is his base,

His walks were very varied,

And moderate was his pace.

The first day dawned quite brightly,

Volcanoes were espied,

But then the wind did strengthen,

And hit us hard on all sides.


With Bijancos on the menu,

We walked to Santa Cruz,

Ascending up to Gophi Mills

Returning home by bus.

And then the weather worsened,

A hurricane occurred,

The rain came down in torrents,

Visibility was blurred.


But Bob remained inventive,

His knowledge was profound,

He had to alter several routes,

To keep us on safe ground.

He always remained cheerful,

And kept us on the go,

We spotted Mount Teide,

It’s peak a-topped with snow.


We walked through various landscapes,

Levadas, larva and ash,

We spied a white tailed pigeon,

That flew by in a flash.

At last upon the final day,

The sun shone high and bright,

The north of the island beckoned,

And proved a sheer delight.

So thanks to you, our leader,

You’ve done a splendid job,

So, all you fellow Ramblers,

Let’s raise a cheer for Bob.