Ways To Reduce Backpack Weight On Walking Holidays

Ways To Reduce Backpack Weight On Walking Holidays

Among the many problems and question facing walkers embarking on walking holidays, one of the most pressing is the need to pack light. After all, there has yet to be a hiker born who enjoys lugging around a heavy backpack when trailing across fields and mountain paths. First-time British trekkers setting out on their first walking adventure on this National Walking Month of May are likely to be particularly apprehensive about this aspect, seeing as they have never had to pack for this type of holiday before.

Fortunately for those who would rather overpack than underpack, there are more than a few simple ways to ensure the load on your back is kept relatively light while still encompassing all a trekker may need for his or her walking holidays. Below are only a few of the most common tips shared by avid ramblers to deal with this particular problem.

Oftentimes, the solution to question of packing for a rambling holiday can be as easy as procuring lighter fabrics (cottons are heavily discouraged) or squeezing substances such as bug repellent into smaller bottles. Other tricks, however, are far less immediately apparent, although no less useful when employed.

Ziploc (jiffy) bags and Tupperware containers, for instance, can be some of the best friends of hikers embarking on walking holidays. Storing food in these types of containers can help trekkers save space and reduce the weight of their backpack, while still ensuring their food is kept fresh and edible. Alternatively, removing as much packaging as possible from foodstuffs can also help with this purpose.

Alternatively, trekkers can reduce the overall weight of their load through something as simple as getting a haircut! That’s right – aside from being much more manageable in a wilderness situation, shorter hair can actually make a difference with regards to the overall weight you have to carry. When it comes to walking holidays, it is just as Tesco says – every little helps!