Where to go When?

Where to go When?

Whether you want to experience the magic of faraway places or enjoy encounters closer to home, we’ve picked some of the world’s best places to travel to throughout the year.


Trinidad & Tobago


The perfect month for enjoying the Norwegian Winter, or walking amongst fairy-tale Bavarian castles in the German Alps. But if you’re looking for warmth rather than snow, more tropical adventures can be found in Trinidad and Tobago or Costa Rica when the sun shines and places of interest are teeming with birds, butterflies and other brilliantly coloured creatures. 


Sri Lanka


This is one of the best times of year to head across the northern hemisphere, where the first signs of spring are starting to make an appearance. Short haul, the coastline, fishing villages and countryside of Tavira on the Eastern Algarve, are beginning to burst into life after a sleepy winter. Sri Lanka is a great destination all year round but February is one of the driest months which make it perfect for exploring outdoors. Also the wildlife is abundant in the National Parks and you may even get to spot a leopard or sloth bears.


Canary Islands


The warm sunny days and dramatic volcanic landscapes of the Canary Islands are best experienced in early spring. With ancient lava fields, spectacular sandy beaches and sleepy fishing villages, these islands crammed full of natural riches and wildlife, have it all. Enjoy the dramatic land and seascapes of Tenerife, plus views of Mount Teide, an active volcano and the highest peak in Spain!




Greek Peloponnese

With the sea as your constant companion, roam through carpets of vibrant wild flowers and discover ancient sites keeping silent watch over the surrounding landscape. April is the perfect time to see one of the best spring flower displays in the world in the Greek Peloponnese.





May is the best time to visit Croatia, due to the fact it’s not high season for tourists. Enjoy the old city of Dubrovnik, chosen as a world heritage site by UNESCO lying on the coast of the southern most tip of Croatia on our walking and sightseeing holiday.


Amalfi Coast


Travel to the Amalfi Coast in June time for glorious sunshine, paired with the scent of orange blossom and jasmine. You are also more likely to experience fewer crowds as July is considered the height of peak season in the region.




For breathtaking alpine views, visit France. Le Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the greatest walks in the world. As the circuit passes through France, Switzerland and Italy you view Europe's highest mountain from all sides. The beautiful weather during this time of year will allow you to get some excellent camera shots!


The Azores


Explore a mid Atlantic European outpost; the Azores archipelago rises from the violent meeting of three continental plates and is warmed by the passing Gulf Stream. You’ll walk amongst dormant volcanoes, along beaches of basalt and follow paths green and wild, encountering locals and the islands’ dappled cows.



Cooler temperatures in the Mediterranean make it just right for hiking and sightseeing. Ideal places to visit at this time are Majorca, Rome and the Sorrento Peninsula.




In Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands you’ll get to see an abundance of wildlife such as sea turtles, land iguanas and a plentiful array of birdlife.



Nepal offers outstanding mountain trekking with some of the most epic and rewarding views on planet earth. Chitwan delivers a very different side to the trip with the opportunity for closeup wildlife experiences.


Hong Kong 2014 418.JPG

Hong Kong


A Christmas spent in Hong Kong with the twinkling skyscrapers, scenic Outlying Islands and miles of unspoilt hill country to explore will leave you full of festive spirit!